With experience and innovative solutions, we ensure high quality and the highest level of security through logistics services and juice production following the requirements and expectations of all stakeholders.


To be the leader in road transport in Croatia, and set the standard of quality and professionalism in all business segments - a desirable employer for employees, a first choice for customers and a reliable partner and socially responsible company.

Food quality and safety policy

Respecting the principles of food quality and safety, maintaining and continuously improving integrated management systems, we fully guarantee high quality and the highest level of food safety in the logistics chain and in the production of natural fruit and vegetable juices with maximum care for the environment.

The basis of our policy:

  • Commitment to continuous improvement of integrated management systems,
  • management in accordance with legal regulations, defined goals, target values, risks and opportunities,
  • maintaining and improving communication with customers, suppliers and stakeholders
  • building long-term and close relationships with our partners, creating value for the customer, we achieve our goals that allows us to develop and grow on a personal and corporate level,
  • continuous improvement of the quality of products and services as a priority goal of all employees,
  • continuous work on competencies, education and raising awareness of quality and work safety of all employees, suppliers and other stakeholders,
  • promoting a process approach and a risk management-based approach,
  • regular monitoring and measurement of the efficiency of processes and integrated management systems and continuous improvement of operations,
  • positive attitude towards nature and environmental impacts
  • monitoring and continuous improvement of customer and other stakeholder satisfaction as fundamental measures of product and service quality

With the food quality and safety policy, the Board wants to emphasize its commitment to meet customer requirements and the production of quality and healthy products, and the implementation and improvement of these provisions are a permanent obligation of all employees.

President of the Management Board: Milan Vrdoljak


GMP + B4 Transport

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IFS Logistics

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HACCP Codex Alimentarius

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ISO 9001:2015

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