Ricardo d.o.o. was founded in 1992, when the Croatian economy was at its very beginning, marked by a difficult period that had negative consequences for its development.


Initial capital and tremendous enthusiasm, coupled with perseverance and plenty of risk, created ideas and business visions. The initial activity of the company was retail. Over the years, Ricardo has adapted to the market and its requirements, and today we can say that the primary activity includes road transport and logistics services, as well as the production of fruit and natural juices.


Solving complex tasks and further development is based on adaptation and standardization, investing in employees and their education, on comprehensive technological and IT support, innovation and active monitoring of market trends and requirements.


Acquisition of PC Beljetrans and new investments in vehicle fleet and business modernization;


Fleet investments. Investments in the Processing Plant, and the start of production of natural apple juice;


A new Logistics and Distribution Center with business premises and a production plant was built in Darda business zone;


Ricardo buys land in Švajcarnica and invests in a plum orchard;


Purchase of a warehouse with business premises at the location Osijek, J. J. Strossmayera 343a;


Investments in trucks, which defines a new strategic determinant of business;


Investments in an office building - office space at the location Osijek, Vinkovačka; Ricardo buys land in Švajcarnica and invests in an apple orchard;


Investments in storage space at the location Osijek, Vinkovačka;


Co-owners Milan Vrdoljak and Darko Rimac founded a private company for trade, catering and services;